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Research & Innovation

Through e-Government research, development and innovation, Tadafur is committed to bring new solutions and cutting-edge practices for an efficient and effective transformation of government services.

Tadafur’s research and innovation team envisions providing state-of-the-art and latest research outcomes of e-Government for practical application in the real government set-up.

You will find in Tadafur critical and innovative ideas that will bring real and meaningful e-Transformation that is based in organizational values and culture.

The research and innovation team focuses on the assessment of e-Readiness for e-Transformation of different countries, ministries, and authorities; conduct strategic research of best practices, e-Government models, and frameworks that can provide better reference for strategic governmental decisions and actions; support the establishment of Research and Development (R&D) around e-Government and IT; and evaluate e-Government implementation and provide decision-making support regarding new and emerging technologies and solutions.