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e-Gov Academy

About the academy

The digital revolution has shaped massively and unprecedentedly the life of societies, businesses and governments. Not only it has changed the way people and organizations interact and cope with their every day activities, but it has opened up horizons of new opportunities, challenges and threats. Governments around the world have recognized the importance of embracing information technologies in order to govern the ever growing complexities, challenges and demands of todays societies. Leading the digital transformation successfully has proved to be far more complicated than importing technologies or building infrastructure. The e-Government based transformation has multiple value dimensions and the human capital is at the heart of this transformation. It’s the driver and receiver of this transformation.

Our Academy is built around the needs of governments and public organizations to build the necessary capacities, skill sets and expertise to master the digital transformation of the public sector and surrounding environment. Our training programs are designed to transfer knowledge, build skills and enable public officials to design, implement and govern e-Government initiatives, projects and programs successfully. They are practical, pragmatic and focussed.

Currently we provide two days trainings to all relevant topics of e-Government and also intensive two weeks camps. We also design and develop tailor made programs based on the needs of our clients in the public sector.