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Academic Board


Adil Kassabi

E-Government Strategy Expert

Mr. Adil Kassabi has long years of international experience in Information Technology and e-Government. He advised and trained leading e-Govnerment authorities in the middle east as well as top companies in Europe. Mr. Kassabi is conducting regularly research on multiple topics of e-Government with more focus on strategic management of e-Government initiatives.


Dr. Lars Algermissen

Public Process Management Expert

Dr. Lars Algermissen,holder of a master in Information system, is a researcher and the founder of the PICTURE method. He has been focusing his activities on process management in the public sector. He was head of e-Government competence center of the European research center fo information system (ERCIS), which is an international network of researchers from all over the world that focus on information system issues. He also successfully created a research transfer network on e-Government between Germany and Brazil.


Kassim Mzee

Smart Government Expert

Mr Kassim Mzee holder of Masters in Communications Engineering, has competencies in the fields of IT-Governance, Service Management and Process Engineering. Mr. Kassim has long years of experience as a senior business and management consultant, he spearheaded IT-Governance initiatives where he led senior business Consultants to architect and institute IT-Governance into various organisations. Mr Kassim worked as a senior consultant for HP and Global Crossing where he successfully introduced and implemented various business service management initiatives. Mr Mzee now is introducing methodologies to provide secure access to the mobile channel. Mr Mzee is an IT Service Management Expert and has been able to help customers such as Lufthansa Systems, HSBC, BNP Paribas, SITA optimize and enhance their IT operations


Jenny Tsuboyama

e-Government & e-Policy Expert

Jenny Tsuboyama is an e-Government expert with global experience and knowledge of public policy, government affairs, regulatory and information technology frameworks in East Asia, Latin America, and MENA region. She specializes on e-Policies, e-Government and e-Laws. She advised parliaments, national informatization agencies and law firms. Jenny builds networks with her public relation´s and coaching´s skills and manages study groups and meetings due to her long years of experience in South Korea, India, Tunisia and Peru. Besides that her academic and research capacities allows her to practice a variety of theories, approaches and methodologies to apply to a diversity of scenarios (public and private sector).


Waheed Albalushi

Change Management Expert

Waheed Albalushi is a Certified Corporate Trainer who deals with leadership, change management, cultural change, Directive Communication and corporate communications issues. Combining his vast and long professional experience in web design, Corporate Communications, PR, media, e-Content and e-Services in Managerial and mid-career positions along with his capacity as a professional certified trainer in Directive Communication™, Waheed brought the best in both fields to its best to affect his teams, colleagues and trainees. Waheed was selected as a judge and a juror in some international web contests.


Mohamed Atef Ben Aribia

Information Security Expert

Mohamed Atef BEN ARIBIA is an Information Security Expert with over 8 years in Ethical Hacking, Forensics, Penetration Testing, Malware Analysis, Security Audit, Secure Programmer, Network Security Administrator and Secure Computer User. He Found and Reported Many Security Vulnerabilities in Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Offensive Security and Others…He is licensed and certified in Electronics and Telecommunications Technology with specialty Electronic Security, holder of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with specialty industrial networks and industrial supervision. 4 years’ experience in Wireless Sensors, Smart Lighting, Asset Management, Building Control, Remote Control, Smart Energy, Healthcare, Security & Environment and Domotics.


Zaid al shukaili

Organizational Development Expert

Mr. Zaid Khalifa Al-Shekili is an expert in organizational and personal development with long experience in leading positions in academic and government bodies in Oman. Mr. Zaid is certified in NLP, TL and Distinguished Training Awareness. Mr. Zaid is an excellent coach on PR communication, team work design, work dynamics and change management. Mr. Zaid is known with his eloquence , dynamic and vivid workshops.